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    Gym Time

    Gym Time is the only system of its kind endorsed by British Gymnastics.

    It is a versatile modular range of equipment designed to teach a wide range of movements and gymnastic skills to children of all abilities.

    Gym Time is a range of trestles, tops, linking and bridging items, and other cleverly designed equipment which are all compatible with each other and with traditional items of equipment so offering an unending number of variations.

    The assist hand grip the equipment has been designed  with larger tubes allowing for lightness without sacrificing strength. A unique fastening system allows children to participate in setting up for class and the large rubber feet mean that the apparatus will not move or slide in use.

    The system has been designed to eliminate all finger, limb and head traps and is in line with the requirements of PE in the National Curriculum.

    To accompany the range there is a Support Pack that includes suggested layouts, worksheets in a printable PDF format, and warm up music. All items are available both individually or in packs.