Cannons UK Air Track Pro Air Beam 3 metre or 5 metre

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Cannons UK Air Track Pro Air Beam

Available in Pink, Blue or rainbow

These Cannons UK Air Track Pro Air Beams are a great way to gain more experience of using a balance beam without the risk of major injuries.

Please note: this is an air balance beam and NOT the 3 metre or 5 metre air track that can be purchased by following this link for the 3 metre air track or this link for the 5 metre air track.

This Cannons UK Pro Air Beam is low to the ground which offers a soft landing which will make your skills much easier and safer to master.

Please click here for our full range of Cannons UK Air Track Pro

The thick line in the centre of the beam is 10cm wide and 2.5mm thick so you will feel the edge of the beam and can focus on a nice, safe landing.

Its not just for home use as it can be easily transported to be used in the garden or gym.

Although this beam is sold for home use, it is also ideal and very popular with gyms and schools which have limited storage.

Sizes: 3m x 40cm x 10cm or 5m x 40cm x 10cm

Choose no pump if you already have one or there is an option of a  Bravo 8 foot pump or a Bravo OV10 electric pump.

Please note if using your own electric pump please ensure you do not over inflate your air product as this will void your warranty. It is impossible to over-pressurise the air products with the pump we supply.

    When purchasing a Cannons UK Branded product you know you are buying an excellent quality product at the best possible price.

    All of our Cannons UK Air Track Pro Range have been tested before packing to be sure each and every product complies to our very high standards.

    Each Cannons UK Air Track Pro includes a carry bag and repair kit

    Why choose Cannons UK Air Track Pro

    Cannons UK air track pro is produced in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment which is also dust-free therefor producing a constant high-quality finish to all our air track products.

    Our Air Track Pro mats have around 80,000 threads per square metre.

    Double wall fabric (DWF) with 1,000 denier

    We only use high grade 0.9mm PVC for the side walls and lines.

    All Air Track Pro products are REACH compliant and CE approved.

    2 year Manufacturing defect warranty.

    The adhesive that we use has a curing agent included making it the strongest possible bond to prevent air leakage.

    Our air tracks are all sealed with the adhesive by hand so we can be sure the air track seam is flat and the mat can be folded.

    When we glue the seams, we use a tape cover circle so the glue does not touch the PVC or DWF so we avoid any glue marks on the end product.

    When our air tracks are finished we inflate them for 24 hours to be 100% sure of a perfect non leaking product and then they are cleaned before packing.

    Each air track comes with inflation and deflation instructions.

    Our Air track mats are equipped with 2 durable carry handles (car safety belt quality) on two sides.

    2 Bravo valves (Italian brand), one for inflating and the other for the air gauge.

    Non-slip bottom and jump line, with a completely smooth surface.

    At least 90% of our factory staff have more than 2 years’ experience making air track mats.

    Other reasons why Cannons UK Air Track Pro mats are better than cheaper options available

    Most are Not REACH compliant or CE approved.

    No guarantee of quality and defects.

    Other factories use machines to glue parts together which uses very high temperatures that weakens the raw material. This means if folded the mat can be damaged beyond repair.

    Although most factories do use adhesive, many don’t use a curing agent so after a relatively short amount of time they will start to leak air from the sides.

    Workshop temperatures and humidity are not controlled and can be very dirty and dusty which can pass to the raw materials.

    They can overload the air track products into the packaging which can damage the material.

    No repair kit or inflation, deflation instructions.

    Handles can be made from very weak materials which can easily break.

    Only 1 valve fitted, which is a cheap unbranded one.

    Quite often when purchasing a cheap air track, you don’t know who it is from and can even be sent direct from China.  What do you do if something goes wrong? Cannons UK has been around for many years and is only a call or email away.

    I guess at the end of the day you do get what you pay for but at Cannons UK we try very hard to get the best quality product for the best possible price.

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